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Statement By Congressman Brian Higgins on the Boehner Default Bill

7/29/2011- “The American people want compromise and deserve a serious effort to protect their best interests and get the job done. Instead, this doomed bill is more of the same Washington nonsense that amounts to nothing more than a political ploy and a waste of valuable time.

“The Boehner Bill is a temporary patch that does nothing to inject the economic certainty necessary for sustained economic growth. This short term bill will bring us right back to square one in a few months. That is not the way to create jobs.

“We need a long term bipartisan solution that injects stability into our economy with a balanced approach that cuts spending, increases revenues by closing tax loopholes for big corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and protects Social Security and Medicare.

“This cynical bill will not provide the certainty the economy needs, it does not meaningfully deal with the debt, and it will threaten Social Security and Medicare. For these reasons I voted against the bill.

“Default is unacceptable and would have dire consequences for our economy and people. Enough of this irresponsible and reckless maneuvering. This has been an exercise in futility with no prospect of Senate approval that has only delayed the meaningful bipartisan compromise we ultimately need. Let’s get back to work.”